Battery Powered Lawn and Garden Sprayer

You have three options when it comes to batter powered lawn and garden sprayers. Hand-held pumps Wheeled Sprayers Backpack Sprayers Hand Held Garden Sprayers These sprayers are typically used for small jobs around the yard.  You would not want to … Continue reading

Backpack Sprayer with Boom Attachment

Having a backpack sprayer with a 2, 3 or 4 nozzle attachment is a great way to increase coverage and to reduce time to get the work done. Productivity at it’s finest. If you are currently using a pump sprayer, … Continue reading

Understanding Spray Nozzles and Tip Color

Nozzles come in different sizes, angles, flow rates and types.  You need to understand these different options so that you can appropriately choose what nozzle to use for your situation. There are twelve different designs. The flow rate, is part … Continue reading

Garden Sprayer for Concrete Sealer

Using a Backpack Sprayer for Sealing Concrete When using a sprayer to seal your concrete, you need to ensure that you are using a water-based, film forming protector. First, you need to clean your concrete very well and give it … Continue reading

How to Clean a Backpack Sprayer

There are common components with every sprayer that need to be cleaned an maintained. The primary concern is the tank which needs to be cleaned both inside and out.  In addition, there is the hose which is attached to the … Continue reading

How Far Can a Backpack Sprayer Spray

You need to determine how you need your sprayer to spray before choosing a product to buy.  It makes a big difference if you are looking to hit the roof line of your home, garage, shed or barn vs spraying weeds in … Continue reading

Hudson Backpack Sprayers

H.D. Hudson Bak-Pak Sprayers Hudson SP1 Multi-Purpose Professional Bak-Pak Sprayer – Model 97154 Hudson SP2 Piston Pump Bak-Pak Sprayer – Model 97157 Hudson Never Pump Bak-Pak Sprayer – Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer Hudson SP1 Multi-Purpose Professional Bak-Pak Sprayer – Model 97154 The Hudson SP1 … Continue reading