Backpack Sprayer with Boom Attachment

Having a backpack sprayer with a 2, 3 or 4 nozzle attachment is a great way to increase coverage and to reduce time to get the work done. Productivity at it’s finest.

If you are currently using a pump sprayer, your arm may become exhausted fairly quickly (even if you are fit), as you need to keep the pressure up in order to accommodate the extra nozzles.

Using this attachment will speed up the application of herbicides, pesticides or fertilizer that you may be using.

Backpack Sprayer with Boom

Our recommendation would be to use a boom attachment with a battery powered backpack sprayer for the 3 or 4 nozzle boom,  so that you don’t get tired before the job gets done.  The automatic sprayer will keep up the necessary psi to ensure an even flow of product.

The boom simply attaches to the wand of your sprayer and adds extra width to your spray pattern.

Typically a wand with 2 nozzles as a width of 24″, 3 nozzles have a width of 36″ and 4 nozzles have a width of 48″.

You can interchange the nozzles to meet your spraying needs.

Two companies which sell booms for backpack sprayers are Solo and Chapin which are designed to work with their own sprayers.


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