Battery Powered Lawn and Garden Sprayer

Battery Powered Lawn and Garden Sprayer

You have three options when it comes to batter powered lawn and garden sprayers.

  • Hand-held pumps
  • Wheeled Sprayers
  • Backpack Sprayers

Hand Held Garden Sprayers

These sprayers are typically used for small jobs around the yard.  You would not want to do any significant amount of spraying with these guys as they are not comfortable.  You can either carry the tank in your hand while spraying with the other, or you can sling it over your shoulder with the thin strap.  The strap is not padded and is uncomfortable to wear.

Wheeled Garden Sprayers

The wheeled sprayer is great if you will be walking on even terrain and not walking through shrubs, orchard or a garden.  It’s portable, easy to push or pull.

Hudson Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer Review


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