Can I Use a Backpack Sprayer for Bleach

Best Backpack Sprayer for Bleach

These sprayers designed for bleach are great general clean up and for mold remediation.

If you are wanting to use a backpack sprayer for bleach, you want to ensure that you use a piston pump sprayer and not a diaphragm sprayer.

A piston pump sprayer has a sealed chamber that protects the unit from corrosion and damage.

In addition, you want to ensure that all O-rings are chemical resistant so that they will not break down and start leaking.

These O-ring seals are typically made of viron which is a synthetic and fluoropolymer elastomer.  They are highly impermeable to many strong organic solvents that would destroy or permeate common O-rings.

It is very important that you buy a bleach-specific backpack sprayer and not just any sprayer. 

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