Chapin 20v Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

The Chapin battery powered backpack sprayer is well designed and they have partnered with Black and Decker to get a long lasting 20 volt battery.

chapin 20 volt lithium ion battery backpack sprayer best reviews

This backpack sprayer will be working harder than you.  Spraying weeds, plants, trees and pest just go easier.

They are using Black and Decker’s lightweight 20 volt rechargeable battery system which allows you to use 50 gallons in one single charge (roughly 1.75 hours of work).

The battery is small (and light) and has a compact, easy to carry charger.

You can also buy additional Black & Decker chargers from your local store if you feel the need to have an extra on hand.


The mouth has a wide 6″ opening which makes for less spills and splashes while pouring in your solutions.  The mouth is also wide enough to fit a man’s hand so that you can reach inside and easily remove the intake filter for easier cleaning.

Chapin battery operated backpack sprayer reviews

This system comes with three nozzles (distance, width or direct range).  The battery provides a a 35-40 psi pressure.

chapin 20 volt lithium ion battery backpack sprayer best reviews 2

I should mention that Chapin have built in a carry handle right into the cap, which is a really simple, but great feature.

chapin handle in the lid - backpack sprayerThe Chapin 20V Battery Operated Backpack Sprayer is Available On Amazon

Chapin 63985 4-Gallon Wide Mouth 20v Battery Backpack SprayerChapin 63985 4-Gallon Wide Mouth 20v Battery Backpack SprayerCheck Online Price


1.75 hours of continuous spraying, that’s up to 50 gallons.
Offers 35-40 PSI with a 35-foot maximum horizontal spray stream.
6-inch wide mouth funnel for easy filling and cleaning with a carrying handle built right into the cap.
Weighs 39% less than competitive units. Santoprene seals in the pump for maximum chemical resistance.
Cushion grip shut-off with built-in, serviceable filter to assure that no debris can clog the nozzle tip.
Deluxe padded straps with waist/chest strap for prolonged use.
Additional batteries available through Black & Decker.


Chapin Backpack Sprayers

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