Chapin Backpack Sprayers

Chapin Manufacturing has a huge manufacturing plant (one of the largest sprayer manufacturing plants in the world)  where their sprayers are designed, created, molded, assembled, coated, tested for leaks and performance, packaged, warehoused and shipped to their many customers throughout the world.

Chapin has a unique anti-corrosion and rust process that protects the interior seams, walls, bottoms and crevices of their metal compressed air sprayers.

All Chapin hoses are nylon webbed and tested to withstand high compressed air spraying pressure.

Their warranty is lifetime on the tank and one year on the parts.

Here are the sprayers we are reviewing:

4 Gallon Herbicide, Pesticide, Pest Control Sprayers

Battery Operated Sprayer – Model 63985

Pump Sprayer – Model 61900

Bleach & Disinfectant Sprayer – Model 61575

Herbicide and Fertilizer Sprayer – Model 6180

chapin 20v rechargeable battery powered backpack sprayer - backpacksprayerguide

[New] 20 Volt Battery Operated Chapin Backpack – Rechargeable Lithium Ion Black & Decker Battery – Model #63985

This is one of the newer backpack sprayers that Chapin has come out with and there are a couple of key features that you need to be aware of:

It’s 39% lighter than competitive brands, which makes it easier on your back and shoulders.

The charge is amazing.  You can spray up to 50 gallons on just one charge.

Uses:  Pest Control; Lawn, Garden, Turf, Trees, Shrubs (Landscape)

This sprayer was designed to be used with herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizer and many more type of chemicals. This sprayer will give you many years of good reliable service.  You can use products like RoundUp in this sprayer.

Key Features:

Wide mouth opening – makes it so much easier for you to pour in any liquid.  Less missing, splashing and waste of product.

Long Lasting Battery – you can get the job done on one charge (50 gallons of spray).  It’s roughly 1.75 hours of spraying. If you require more time than that, the battery is removable and you can put in an extra battery to keep going.  Extra batteries are available to purchase.

No more pumping 3 million times and wearing out your arm!

Spraying Distance:  This unit will spray up to 30 feet horizontally and 25 feet vertically. 

Always remember to clean your sprayer thoroughly after each use

Replacement parts are available down the road for the filter kit, hose, nozzles, replacement straps as well as discharge repair kits and replacement shut-off repair kits.

The Chapin 36985 is available on Amazon

Thinking of spraying house or deck stain with this unit ?– well, DON’T.  This unit is not designed for stain and your spray will not come out evenly.  It is not designed for chlorine either.


Chapin PRO Tree and Turf Backpack Sprayer – 4 gallon – Model 61900

Chapin 61900 backpack sprayer guide reviews

This is the most popular pump sprayer that Chapin offers in the weed, garden and pest control area.

It costs less than the battery powered one above because you have to do the work by pumping.  If ease of use and productivity is a priority, then you should seriously consider the battery sprayer.  If you are doing small areas and the budget is tight, then this is the backpack sprayer for you.

This sprayer is designed for the landscaper (weeds, pesticides, herbicides).  This unit is not designed for chlorine or bleach.

The lid is a 4 inch lid (vs 6 inch with the battery operated sprayer above), has a stainless steel wand and a removable filter (for cleaning).

Use rapid pump strokes to prime the pump.  When you feel firm resistance from the pump handle is an indicator that the pressure chamber is filling with liquid.

The complete unit is well made and a great investment.  It’s durable, does the job and Chapin offers a life time warranty on the tank and one year on the parts.

Chapin Bleach and Disinfectant Backpack Sprayer – 61575 -4 Gallon

chapin 61575 bleach backpack sprayer reviews

The Chapin Bleach sprayer (model 61575) is specifically designed to handle the harshness of bleach and fungicides in the tank and flowing through the hose, wand and nozzles.  It can also be used for herbicides and watering.

It’s a piston hand pump model so you will be doing the pumping.

It has a 4 inch wide opening at the top to add your liquids.

For no spraying, there is a safety lock-off feature by pulling up on the handle and turn the red locking mechanism to the neutral position.

The straps are padded, but the downside of this unit, is that there is no padding between the tank and your back.  Hopefully you won’t be wearing it for hours at a time.

chapin sprayer straps

Always empty the sprayer and rinse well with water when you are finished using it.  Never leave chemicals in the sprayer.  Make sure that you spray well as you want to clean out the hose, wand and nozzle as well.  After cleaning, place the unit upside down with the lid off so that any residual water can drain.

If you find that you are getting a funny spray pattern, then the nozzle is probably clogged.  Remove the nozzle, clean it and put it back on.  You should be good to go.

All three Chapin Backpack Sprayers are available on Amazon

Chapin 61800 4-Gallon ProSeries Backpack Sprayer For Fertilizer, Herbicides and PesticidesChapin 61800 4-Gallon ProSeries Backpack Sprayer For Fertilizer, Herbicides and PesticidesChapin 63985 4-Gallon Wide Mouth 20v Battery Backpack Sprayer, Powered by Black & DeckerChapin 63985 4-Gallon Wide Mouth 20v Battery Backpack Sprayer, Powered by Black & DeckerChapin 61575 Bleach and Disinfectant Backpack Sprayer w/ 1/2 Gallon Tip N' MeasureChapin 61575 Bleach and Disinfectant Backpack Sprayer w/ 1/2 Gallon Tip N’ Measure




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