Garden Sprayer for Concrete Sealer

Using a Backpack Sprayer for Sealing Concrete

When using a sprayer to seal your concrete, you need to ensure that you are using a water-based, film forming protector.

First, you need to clean your concrete very well and give it at least a day to dry.  The next day you can seal, but you should make sure that your concrete is warm to the touch so that you know that you sealant will hold.

Apply the sealant with the pump sprayer in 50 to 60 foot sections.

using a garden sprayer to seal concrete - best backpack sprayer guideIts best if you use a circular motion for a more even layer of application and it is very important that you saturate the surface.

As you are going along, you should also “back roll” with a roller to evenly distribute the product and to get rid of any excess on the concrete.

Wait until the surface is dry to the touch, then apply a second coat.

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