How to Clean a Backpack Sprayer

There are common components with every sprayer that need to be cleaned an maintained.

The primary concern is the tank which needs to be cleaned both inside and out.  In addition, there is the hose which is attached to the spray wand and nozzle (it’s at the joint that you want to ensure gets cleaned properly as reside can build up behind the spray nozzle.

how to clean a backpack sprayerTips on How to Clean a Backpack Sprayer

To begin, add plain water to the tank and swish it around to wash down the tank walls inside.

You will want to pump to build a bit a pressure in the system, then with the wand facing down, spray out all of the water to ensure that you wash away any reside in the hose, wand and nozzle.

It’s really that simple.

I highly recommend that you wipe down the outside of the tank in case you had any spills or drips from the chemicals when you were emptying or loading the tank.

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