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5 Signs Of Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites cause billions of dollars each year in damages. Learn to spot drywood termites early by looking out for these 5 signs.

Natural Remedies To Fight Mosquitoes

Summer is here bringing the sun and fun activities along with it. It’s the time to be outside and enjoy what we love to do like go to the beach, garden, etc. It’s what we have been waiting for! The problem is that is that summer brings not only wonderful activities, but it also brings something that we hate… “mosquitoes”.

Ant Exterminator – What Do They Do?

No one likes to find an infestation of ants in their home, their yard, or any other building they might have. If it is just a few ants the homeowner should have no problem getting rid of them using commercial and home remedies to get rid of the ants. If it is an infestation it is best to call an ant exterminator to professionally get rid of them.

Why Pest Control Is Best to Eliminate the Destructive Nature of Termite Colonies

Summer is near, and with the good weather all of the lovely creatures of the earth wake from their winter slumber. Some creatures are enjoyable, but there are some creatures, such as termites, that humans want nothing to do with, which is why pest control services are in full-force during the warmer months.

Japanese Knotweed Disposal

There are various methods of Japanese Knotweed Disposal. Here we explain all the methods used to excavate and dispose of this invasive plant.

3 Most Common Mistakes People Make While Eradicating Pests

We all know for a fact that two of major obstacles to healthy living are pests and termites. No matter where you live, or how high you live, there will come a time when you will spot cockroaches, ants, bugs and several other kinds of insects in your house. But that’s nothing to be worried about especially now when the science has developed exponentially and eradicating these harmful organisms have become a cakewalk.

Top 5 Spiders You’ll Want to Call the Exterminator to Get Rid Of

Several spider species, such as a brown recluse, mouse spider, or black widow should not be killed by a homeowner. Leave this job to a professional exterminator.

5 Ways Of Getting Rid Of Birds From Your Yard

In addition to birds destroying your plants, they also put you at the risk of diseases such as cryptococcossis and histoplasmosis. Due to the risks involved, you should deter them from your yard. There are many ways in which you can do it:

Removing Squirrels From the Attic

There are various methods for squirrel removal from your attic with some methods being more effective than others are. Some homeowners use repellents like odor, lights, and noise. There are also various types of cages that will trap the squirrels so you can remove them safely and relocate outside. At times it can be a tricky problem to get rid of those annoying squirrels so the homeowners leave to a professional pest control service.

Six Plants That Actually Work Against Mosquitoes

Why Do Mosquitoes Like To Bite Me Best? It’s In My Genes. I always thought that only DEET works against mosquitoes. But there appears to be real plants that scare away mosquitoes as efficiently as the horrible spray. In this article I list the five most mentioned plants as an alternative to DEET.

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