Solo backpack Sprayer Strap Hook Part- Model 865-4074833

If your Solo backpack sprayer strap hook is broken, cracked or missing… there is no need to throw the whole sprayer away. Solo backpack sprayer reviews

You can purchase replacement parts for all components of the Solo sprayers.

Here is the link to where you will find the Strap Hook model 865-4074833 – Click Here.

Solo backpack sprayer replacement parts - strap hook

The strap hook is easy to replace and you’ll have your sprayer sitting comfortably on your back once again.

If you need other replacement parts for your sprayer, here are the links to where you can find the components on the individual pages of Amazon.

Solo Backpack Sprayer Replacement Parts

Solo Piston Pump Repair Kit – Click here

Solo Diaphragm Sprayer Pump Click here

Solo Piston Sprayer Pump – Click here

Solo Want & Shut Off Valve Repair Kit – Click here

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Solo Sprayer Elbow Nozzle – Click here






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