How to spray using a backpack sprayer

The Truth About DEET

Mosquitoes cause disease so many health ‘experts’ say to use DEET. But DEET is a known health risk. Why do ‘exerts’ encourage DEET and what else can be used?

What To Do When Mice Bait Does Not Work

There are certain realities we must accept in the pest control industry and one of them is the fact that certain products fail to do the job. And normally trying to remove and prevent an infestation of mice tends to bring up this issue repeatedly. In this article we will show you all how to best deal with this dilemma.

How Expensive Is It To Do Your Own Pest Control?

Doing your own pest control simply makes a lot of sense in today’s current economy. The last thing that any homeowner wants to deal with are unwanted guests who not only makes everyone uncomfortable but drains their wallet.

What’s The Difference Between Roach Gel And Roach Bait? Is One Better?

Many homeowners are often confused when it comes down to selecting the right product to combat roach infestation. We will shed light on that and address this topic by giving you an informative analysis concerning two of the most popular products. Those being roach bait and roach gels.

Is It Really Better To Do Your Own Pest Control?

In our industry one of the questions we are asked on a consistent basis involves whether or not it’s a good idea to do your own pest control when an infestation of some kind occurs. Believe it or not this is not a difficult subject to address. The measuring stick we use in ascertaining whether or not doing your own pest control is a good idea can be summed up in one word. That word is “complexity”. In fact in this article we will simplify it further for you guys and break it down into two categories. And those categories are types of infestation and cost. These categories are what we use to gauge complexity and whether or not any type of pest infestation merits the services of an exterminator or if you should simply do it yourself.

How to Permanently Get Rid Of Roaches

In all my years of dealing with pest infestation there is one question that I have repeatedly asked myself. Why is it that cockroaches seem to be the most resilient of them all? I have not done the scientific research but I have no doubt in my mind that cockroaches have survived every major cataclysmic event that has impacted our planet and ecosystem!! As a matter of fact every time I watch my favorite movie “Men In Black” it makes me wonder just how accurate that film is. Maybe they are aliens!!! But all jokes aside no matter how resilient they are its very much possible to remove roaches permanently from your home and we are going to show you a couple of ways to do that.

How Do Pesticides Work and Are They Safe?

How do synthetic pesticides work? Are they dangerous to humans? Learn how chemical pesticides destroy pests and what harm they are causing for humans and the environment.

Five Signs It’s Time To Call An Exterminator

Worried you might have a pest problem? Here are five sure-fire signs it’s time to call an exterminator.

Mosquitoes and Global Warming

Recent research claims that pesticides will be less effective against mosquitoes due to global warming. But the loss of effectiveness is due to Pesticide Resistance, not global warming!

Pest Control: A Necessary Expense or Not?

Are there too many pests in your home? Creepy crawlers and rodents can be a nightmare if not taken care of immediately. A pest is an organism, either insect or animal that attacks crops, livestock, humans, and property. No matter what it is, the question is, “How can I get rid of them now!” Pest control is the solution to all of these uninvited, destructive guests; but what will it cost? Is it really worth it?

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