Best Backpack Sprayers for Lawn, Garden, Pests or Stain

backpack sprayer guide and reviews

When you are looking to invest in a backpack sprayer, you want to ensure that you are getting the best value for the money and also the right product for your requirements.

This site is designed to provide you with information on the different options for backpack sprayers, what brands are available and what the different options are for each brands.

In addition this site will provide education on calibrating your sprayer, cleaning and maintenance and choosing what type of sprayer is best for the job that needs to be done.

Backpack (or knapsack) sprayers are ideal for the home gardener, hobby farmer, small business, cleaning, pest and weed control operator.

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backpack sprayer guide - usesVarious Uses of a Backpack Sprayer

Backpack sprayers are inexpensive, so you can have multiple sprayers set up for specific uses such as:

  • spraying of bugs
  • weeds in your lawn or garden,
  • spraying decks,
  • mildew control,
  • removing wallpaper
  • and various other applications.

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Backpack Sprayer Brands

best backpack sprayer review guide

We take a look at the different brands on the market and what they offer.  Options of the volume of the tank, piston or diaphragm pump and what each model is typically used for.

Some of the brands that will be covered are:  Hudson, Chapin, Solo and Birchmeier (we’ll keep adding reviews to the site with other brands too).

These backpack sprayers are comfortable, durable and well made.

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battery operated backpack sprayer reviewsBattery Powered Backpack Sprayers

Using a rechargeable battery operated sprayer provides a lot of relief in the hand and arms when you don’t have to pump all of the time.  They are designed to make you more productive and to work with greater comfort.

The basic components of one of these units are:  the pump, the tank, the harness (straps), the wand which has different nozzle options.

You can spray many acres with one of these units, or perhaps your need is more for spot spraying or hard to reach areas.

Find out which brands have battery operated sprayers.

These sprayers can be used commercial user or for household purposes. Moreover, backpack sprayers are considered very portable and convenient by gardeners and professional workers.

They are commonly used for spot-spraying herbicides, backpack sprayers can also be used to apply fungicides, insecticides, foliar fertilizers, and many other products very efficiently. They are very useful tools for crop farmers to have on hand.

Backpack sprayers can be used to apply fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, disinfectant and other liquid chemicals.

Types of Pumps

There are two types of pumps:  piston and diaphragm

piston vs diaphragm pump sprayer

A piston pump typically provides greater pressure (roughly 90 psi).  A piston pump works in an up and down motion and is contained in a chamber inside the tank.  When you “pump” the lever, it creates pressure which forces the liquid down into the wand so that you can spray.

Piston sprayers cannot be used for abrasive chemicals as the chemicals will destroy the piston.

A diaphragm pump does not have the internal cylinder.  The pumping of the handle moves the diaphragm to create the pressure.  Diaphragm pumps are designed to use herbicides like Round-Up.  This style of pump with invented to be able to handle abrasive chemicals and chemical residue.

It is most important that you wash out your sprayer after every use.

Tank Volume (Gallons)

There are different sizes of tank that you can purchase and you should select it based on the amount of area you have to cover and how much weight you can carry on your back.  No need to over purchase if you just have a small area to spray.

On the other hand, you don’t want too small of a tank otherwise you will be stopping to refill the tank all the time.

The standard sizes are:

2 Gallon
3 Gallon
4 Gallon

The most popular size being the 4 gallon backpack sprayer.

Types of Sprayers

Manual Pump Sprayers
Battery Operated (electric) Sprayers
Gas Sprayers

Calibrating the Sprayer

Calibrating your sprayer is important to the proper and safe application of chemicals.

Calibrating is determining the spray volume that you want to have over a specific area.  It will help you calculate how much product you need to add to the tank based on the manufacturers instructions.

The video below goes into detail on calibration.

As manufacturers become more aware of the need to increase operator comfort and ease, backpack sprayers are becoming more adaptable. Having good padded straps are important for shoulder comfort due to the pressure and weight of the liquid.

These sprayers are designed so only chemical-resistant parts come in contact with the formula you’re spraying.

Backpack sprayers are relatively easy to use–and to misuse. They are simply designed, so are easy to fill, clean, repair and maintain.

Backpack sprayers are a great tool to get the job done and keep your business profitable.

Many backpack sprayers can be purchased online through sites such as