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Why Consider Pest Control Services?

One of the biggest problems that most homeowners may encounter is pest infestation and this can happen without warning and take them completely by surprise. Most of them try to handle it on their own, often with disastrous results. Hiring pest control service has many benefits compared to controlling pests on your own.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite Naturally!

Bed bugs have become more common with all of the travel we do. They aren’t as easy as other pests to repel either. Discover ways to get rid of them naturally and without chemicals.

Guide On How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies have a lifespan of 40-50 days and one fly can lay up to 500 eggs. When the bugs find their way into your house they can multiply to millions in a very short period of time making it impossible to control them. To prevent the population from increasing, you have to get rid of them as soon as possible. Here are tips on how to do it:

Woodpeckers and Home Damage

Woodpeckers do a lot of damage to houses every spring. Here we take a look at why they do it and what deters them.

Have Spring Pests?

Most people have spring pests. This article gives some basic tips to getting your house pest free this spring.

Head Lice Resistant to Pesticides

Head Lice in 25 states are immune to pesticides used to treat them. Learn why and how you can control head lice in your family.

The 3 Common Myths Solved About Pest Control Services

Pest control is something that almost all of us have applied to our houses or commercial areas. It is because the common pests such as flies, termites, lizards, cockroaches, bugs, rats, etc. love places that are warm for them to thrive in.

5 Of the Most Popular Species of Ants and Ways to Eradicate Them

We all have the basic knowledge of why ants invade our house, yet they are extremely hard to stop and even more tricky to eradicate. The main reason why ants invade our house is in search of food. Such tiny are their sizes that even the smallest cracks on the wall are enough to allow them to enter your house.

Why Are Bed Bugs a Problem?

Bed bugs are a serious issue today yet weren’t several years ago. Learn why bed bugs are a common pest in our world and how you can control them.

How To Install Bird Netting

Bird netting or anti-bird netting as its popularly known is a form of bird pest control. It works by preventing birds from reaching certain areas such as fish ponds, mining ponds, fruit fields and buildings. For the unit to give you the service you deserve, you need to know how to install it properly. Here is a guide on how to go about it:

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