Solo 475 Backpack Sprayer Parts – Complete list

Solo sprayer parts for 475 backpack sprayer and more
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We’ve done a lot of research on finding Solo 475 backpack sprayer parts that are easy to order and are not over priced.

There are a number of components that can be replaced on the sprayer, so here we go…

List of 475 Sprayer Parts

In hunting down these parts, we have searched for the best prices and have linked to the specific pages of each.

Shut-off Valve

  • This shut-off valve supports all Solo sprayers – Click here

Deluxe Shoulder Straps – Model 4300343

  • Padded shoulder straps to make carrying the tank more comfortable – Click here

Solo Sprayer Fold-Away Handle – Model 4900454

Solo Sprayer Elbow Nozzle – Model 4900654-P

  • Fits all backpack sprayers. Plastic Adjustable, jet stream, flat fan and hollow cone – Click here

Strap Hook

  • For Models 425 and 475 Back-Pack Sprayers – Click here
    This part replaces parts 4074833, 40 74 837, 40 74 835

Tank Cap (red) – Model 4200242-P

  • This tank cap fits all Solo manual backpack sprayers – Click here
  • A complete tank cap includes a vent valve and a D-ring gasket

Filter Basket

Solo Sprayers Gasket

  • Fits all Solo backpack sprayers – Click here
  • Nitrile material

If you are looking more for Solo sprayer repair kits which have more elements bundled together:

Solo Repair Kits List

This link will take you to the specific page on Amazon where you can find all of the Solo repair kits – Click here.


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