Hudson Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer – 13854 Never Pump Again Review

Hudson Never Pump Backpack Sprayer Review

The Hudson Never Pump backpack sprayermodel 13194 is something that you are going to fall in love with.

With this unit, you can spray…

  • turf gardens and small trees
  • lawns
  • nurseries and green houses
  • cleaners, sealers & mildew removers

This is a 4 gallon or 15 liter unit (tank). You can use it for pesticides, herbicides, or for pest control. Do not use bleach in this unit.

It has a little compressor motor in the base of the unit so it actually compresses the fluids as it comes out of the unit, it is not compressurizing the whole tank so it doesn’t use a lot of power.

The motor is quiet, which is wonderful.

After you buy the sprayer, you will need to give it up to 9 hours for the first charge, after that it will hold it’s charge for 10 hours, which is a lot of spraying.

Hudson never pump backpack sprayer – wide mouth

The Hudson Never Pump Backpack Sprayer is available on Amazon

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