My 4 Sons 4-gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer: M4 Review

m4 my 4 sons backpack sprayer

My 4 Sons M4 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer – Key Features

Easy to Use: The large wide opening of the M4 allows for easy filling and adds a filter to eliminate dirt from water tank. On/Off and flow switches are available while the system is running and indicator lights let you know when it’s time to charge the battery.

Versatile – Works with Many Solutions/Chemicals: The M4 pump easily pumps a wide range of natural and synthetic fluids, such as acids, bleach, solvents, and chemicals. This ranges from lawn fertilizer and weed killers like Roundup to cleaning products like Wet and Forget, fence and deck stains, concrete sealants like LastiSeal, diesel, oil, de-icers, alcohol, mineral spirits, and much more.

Manual Pump vs Battery Operated:  The spray time is cut in half, compared to manual sprayers!  The M4’s large capacity sprays up to 200 gallons on a single charge. That’s equivalent to 50 tankfulls with a manual sprayer.

Battery Life:  A fully self-sufficient, automatic charger is included in the backpack of each model that reaches a full charge in eight hours or less. The charger can switch gradually from the fast-charging to full-charge mode to conserve battery life and does not require special residential or commercial outlets. It can be used year-round.

Built to Last:  To maintain the M4 in good working order, be sure to perform routine maintenance, including replacing the motor and battery every few years and thoroughly cleaning the machine.  In doing this, your sprayer will last for decades.

Safety Features:  The M4’s locking trigger prevents accidental spraying while heavy-duty shoulder straps are bolted to the sprayer to prevent accidental disconnection and/or dropping. The M4 is also much safer than manual sprayers if you need to climb ladders because it leaves one hand free to hold on.

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Upgrades to the M4 Sprayer

In 2021 the company upgraded the sprayer with the following features:

  • Triple thick XXL shoulder pads
  • Organizer pockets for wands and accessories
  • Quick change battery compartment,
  • Never leak lid
  • Quick release strain relief hose

My4Sons M4 Sprayer Uses

  • Pesticides – to get rid of the bugs that are bugging you
  • Herbicides – get rid of those unwanted weeds
  • Paint
  • Concrete Sealant
  • Bleach
  • Not recommended for staining

You must clean the sprayer before switching solutions.  Simply run a minimum of 1 gallon of water through the sprayer to ensure that it is clean.

Never store your sprayer with chemicals inside.

M4 system is not compatible with muriatic acid.


The battery will last 4-5 hours on a single charge.

The recharge of your battery will take roughly 8 hours.

The charger automatically switches from full charge to trickle and can be left plugged in all year long to optimize the battery life.

Spray Distance

Depending on the nozzle you chose, the My 4 Sons M4 sprayer can spray up to 30 feet.

Perfect for the DIYer or the industry professional, the M4 Basic System includes:  

  • Translucent tank with large-mouth opening for easy filling and screen filter to protect against dirt/debris
  • Deep seal between the tank and lid
  • Heavy-duty, reinforced hose for high temperature and high pressure
  • Heavy duty, extra-long adjustable length stainless-steel wand with tip for precision application
  • Heavy-duty plastic wand with durable connectors for applying acid or bleach-based products
  • Adjustable brass nozzle
  • Compatibility with a wide range of nozzles
  • One-piece valve handle for improved reliability and ergonomics
  • Heavy-duty shoulder straps to prevent disconnection and dropping
  • Locking trigger and on/off switch that’s accessible during wear for improved ergonomics
  • New and improved quick-access battery door
  • 10amp inline fuse integrated with the charge plug

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