Flowzone Backpack Sprayer Review: Plenty of Flow and Adjustability

battery operated flowzone backpack sprayer

The Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 Backpack Sprayer is a battery-powered sprayer with a 4-gallon capacity.

What makes this sprayer different than the standard electric sprayers on the market, is that it uses suction rather than pressure to spray the chemical.

The sprayer uses on a rechargeable 18v Lithium-ion battery which will provide over 3 hours of continuous operation or 76 gallons before it needs to be recharged again.

The wand is stainless steel with a brass tip and heavy-duty hose.

The nice thing is that when you open up the tank, you don’t get any liquid leaking out.  Nice!

You can the Typhoon V2 for pest control, weed control, applying fertilizer, or for washing down items (windows, the deck, patio furniture, fence – you name it!)

The best price that we have found so far is on this page of Amazon.


Pump Type:  High-pressure diaphragm

Spray Time:  Up to 3 hours

Pressure  Up to 115 psi

Spray Distance: Greater than 30 feet

Tank Capacity: 4 gallons

Battery Type:  Lithium-ion

Battery Voltage:  18V

Battery Capacity:  5.2A

Battery Charging Time:  1 hour

Battery Charger:  21V/2.5Ah

Pump Life:  1,000 hours

Uses for the Flowzone Backpack Sprayer

Pest Control



Parts of the Typhoon Sprayer

  • 4-gallon tank
  • Tank Lid
  • Tank Strainer
  • 18V Lithium-ion Battery
  • 21V Battery Charger
  • Stainless-Steel Spray Wand
  • Spray Gun
  • Adjustable Cone Nozzle
  • 0 Degree Stream Nozzle
  • 25 Degree Fan Nozzle
  • UV Resistant 5 foot Hose
  • Top Holster
  • Bottom Holster
  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Comfort Straps

Battery Care

The charger comes with the purchase of the sprayer as does the battery. It’s similar, in looks, to a laptop charger but not exactly the same. You do remove the battery from the unit to charge which is a great feature

Both the battery and battery charger come with the sprayer. You will need to charge the battery before use (it takes a little over an hour) then the sprayer is ready to go. You will need to remove the battery from the sprayer and place it in the charger provided.

For long-term storage of the battery, regular charging is highly recommended in order to maximize the life of the battery. The the indicator lights and if it falls below 3 bars, then recharge the battery.

Do not allow the battery to fully discharge.

Operating the Flowzone Typhoon Battery Sprayer

First, you need to charge the battery before use.  This will take a little over an hour and when it is fully charged, the indicator lights will flash green.

Prepare your solution in a separate container and once mixed, open the tank lid and carefully pour the solution through the tank strainer.  The strainer will prevent any debris, clumps or chunks from getting into the tank (which could plug up the hose or nozzle).  Tighten the lid closed.

Connect your desired nozzle type by pulling the collar of the fitting back, then pushing it forward.

Now you are ready to start spraying.  Simply squeeze the spray trigger!


The Flowzone comes with three different nozzles to provide you with different spraying options:

Adjustable Cone Nozzle: provides a range of jet stream to conical mist.

Green Fan Nozzle:  gives a flat 25 degree fan spread

Red Jet Nozzle: give a zero degree stream

The Flowzone V2 battery operated backpack sprayer was given the “Amazon Choice” award.  You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here

Flowzone Backpack Sprayer Parts

FlowZone Series 2 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (18V/5.2Ah) – click here for pricing

FlowZone 21V 1Ah Charger – click here for pricing

FlowZone Series 2 Pro-Series Battery Charger (21V/2.5Ah) – click here for pricing



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